Father Time

Well it’s that time again, out with the old and in with the new. As the old Father Time limps off into the sunset, the new baby New Year comes bouncing in, full of hope and empty of the cynicism that it will have next year at this time. It’s interesting to think what one year, 365 days, can do to humans. We don’t know if next year we will be happier or sadder, richer or poorer, more or less hopeful. However, unlike the baby New Year, we know some of the pitfalls that lie ahead of us. As each new year starts with a clean slate, we do not. We carry over all the hurts and judgements of all the years before. If only we could start fresh each year. But then we would never move forward. The words, “no pain, no gain” are true. We learn as children that when we touch something hot, it burns and we don’t touch it anymore. In the same vein, if we do something that grants us rewards or pleasure, we continue to do that. Unfortunately, pleasure isn’t always good just as pain isn’t always bad. We live, we learn, we lose loved ones, we move on. Such is the way of humanity. Life isn’t easy for anyone, rich or poor, man or woman, people of all colors. Yes, I’m sure it’s easier for the rich, why wouldn’t it be? Because sometimes when you’re born with everything, what do you have to strive for? I’ve seen the rich and famous go down in flames just as the poor. You’re born with nothing and you die with nothing, it’s what you do with your time between those two events that make your life a success or a failure, not how much money you leave behind.

This year let us think more of the other person. Instead of piling up treasures here on earth, let’s fill our hearts with love, forgiveness, understanding, and tolerance. Let’s follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If everyone could do this, what a wonderful world this would be.